Standing Tall Music City

Work Location: Nashville, TN

Pay: 17-19/hr

Job Description

General Responsibilities: To provide daily care and supervision for residents in the facility, following all criteria set by the State of Tennessee Department of Children Services and Standing Tall Music City/Wayne Halfway House, Inc. Assist the Shift Supervisors and Director of Security with the implementation of the rules and policies set by the State of Tennessee. 


  1. Perform intake on new residents.
  2. Keep daily logs.
  3. Participate in reporting and handling of crisis situations.
  4. Establish good rapport with residents and teach Independent Living Skills.
  5. Provide transportation for clients when needed.
  6. Maintain knowledge of community resources.
  7. Maintain discipline following State guidelines.
  8. Monitor residents for safe environment at the facility.
  9. Conduct yourself in a firm, non-offensive, and professional manner on shift.
  10. Appropriately communicate with residents as well as staff.
  11. Demonstrate competence in cultural knowledge, awareness, and sensitivity.
  12. Follow all applicable policies of Standing Tall.
  13. Participate in the PQI program as requested.
  14. Perform other job related duties as assigned by the Security Supervisor.

Qualifications and Experience: A Youth Service Officer (YSO)/Direct Care Worker must be 19 years of age with a High School Diploma/GED and NO FELONY CONVICTION. Also, must be able to pass a drug screen and background check. One year of experience working in a children service program is preferred.

For more information, please email [email protected]